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Contai Municipality At a Glance   News Flash
Establishment of Contai Municipality

14th October. 1958
Union Board Office no. 15

Now Kanthi  Zillah Parishad Bhaban
First Elected Municipal Board Elected commissioners took the responsibility in 1965
Kanthi Municipal market no.1 Established on the land of Irrigation department on 17th September, 1972 in superintendent of Irrigation minister Honorable Gonikhan Choudhury
Celebration of silver jubilee of Contai Municipality

14th October, 1983

Inaugurator :: Dr. Rasbihari Pal
Establishment of Fire Brigade in contai 20th October, 1988
Guest house of Contai Municipality

Stone unveiled by Honorable Sri Prasanta Sur

Municipal Minister, Govt. of west Bengal (1983)
Contai By-pass

19th September, 1990
Inaugurator :: Sri Surjo Kanto Mishra

President, Undivided Midnapore Zillah Parishad
T.V. Relay Centre in Contai

8th November, 1992
Inaugurator :: Sri Ajit Kumar Panja

Honorable Central Information Broadcast Minister, Govt. of India
Municipal Community House

26th October, 1996
Inaugurator ::  Honorable Sri Hemchandra Pande

D.M. , Undivided Midnapore Zillah
Netaji Market

Stone unveiled by Honorable Sri Harekrishna Samanta, President, Midnapore Zillah Parishad

Municipal Administrative House

10th March, 2000

Inaugurator :: Honorable Biren. J. Shah, Governor,  West Bengal
Rail Booking Counter in Contai Inaugurator :: Honorable Sri Nitish Sengupta, M.P
Contai Central Bus Stand

10th October, 2002
Inaugurator :: Sri Subhas Chandra Chakrabarty

Sports and Transport Minister, Govt. of West Bengal
Contai Rail Station

20th November, 2003

Inaugurator ::  Sri NItish Sengupta, Central Rail Minister.
Mecheda By-pass Business Centre

20th April, 2008

Inaugurator :: Honorable Mamata Banarjee, M.P.
Contai Birendra Memorial Town Hall

Inaugaration Stone unveiled by Kumud Krishna Mitra in 22nd Baishakh, 1365(Bengali calendar)

Explored marble statue of Birendrenath Sasmal and Inaugurated by Honorable Chief Minister Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy in 18th December, 1955

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All the informations provided by Contai Municipality under the guidance of Mr. Soumendu Adhikari , Chairperson,Contai Municipality